I haven’t updated the blog here in forever – work has been crazy and on top of that we have been spending a ton of free time volunteering at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. Even though the rescue has dozens of volunteers taking care of birds every day of the week, […]


  This review should start with a disclaimer: I am not a cheese freak.  I also haven’t tasted dairy cheese in 2.5 years. I know it’s hard to believe, but I was never one of those “OMG WITHOUT CHEESE, LIFE IS NOT WORTH LIVING” types.  Almost everyone I know, though, […]

Chao Cheese Slices

Since my wife and I decided to begin this blog, I’ve been playing with the recipe plug in and adding recipes behind the scenes.  I have been putting off publishing recipes to the site though, because I really wanted nice pictures to show the process of each recipe and the […]

Ramping up.