I am a slack blogger lately.

When we started this blog, I had great intentions of getting new recipes up often, at least weekly or so.  As always happens, when great intentions exist, life happens.

I think that I sort of underestimated how much work goes into developing, testing, documenting and photographing recipes!  The holidays and all kinds of various life stuff has made it hard to keep up with the goal lately.

On the bright side, feeling guilty and pondering this issue, I sort of had a flash of insight.  There are THOUSANDS of vegan food blogs on the Internet.  Most of them are pretty amazing and have great things to offer.  I might have something to add to the vast library of vegan food knowledge, but in general, most of what I can do has probably already been covered somewhere else by other excellent vegan cooks.

My passion and purpose for blogging is to help lessen animal suffering.  Offering up delicious vegan food can certainly help with that purpose.  What’s probably more important though, is the ability to offer up information and ways of looking at things that might sway someone to lessen their use of animal products.  As any vegan knows, it’s difficult to alter the viewpoint of most members of society, as our culture has made it incredibly easy to ignore what occurs so that they can have a steak, or a new purse, or a fluffy pillow.

So, based on these opinions which are totally my own, I’m thinking I should use this blog not only for recipes, but to share thoughts, maybe review some products or books, share some of the more interesting stories I run across, or just to bloviate at times.  Maybe something in the blog will bring a new thought that might trigger a connection that helps to lessen suffering of animals.

I haven’t figured out exactly where to start, there’s a lot to babble about!  Right now, I’m preparing for MainStreet Vegan Academy in NYC in April.  There is alot of pre-reading for this course.  I’m super-excited about it though, 5 days in NYC with Victoria Moran and many experts in all aspects of the Vegan lifestyle.  As part of that preparation, I’m reading a really interesting book, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism.  I’ve always sort of boggled at people on my Facebook feed that will post their outrage at someone torturing a dog in one hour and then follow up with their picture of baby back ribs on the grill.  It’s a huge disconnect, but this book is doing a great job of explaining the psychology.  I’m getting alot out of it already and maybe will follow up with a more thorough review after I finish.

Thanks for reading! More soon.



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