Ramping up.

Since my wife and I decided to begin this blog, I’ve been playing with the recipe plug in and adding recipes behind the scenes.  I have been putting off publishing recipes to the site though, because I really wanted nice pictures to show the process of each recipe and the final product.

I tried to take some shots with my phone and quickly realized, photography is not my strong point. Luckily, my wife has had a long time interest in photography and decided to use this blog as an excuse to buy a nice camera and take beautiful pictures of my food.

So, as with all great plans, something happens and the plan turns to crap.  A month and a half or so ago, my wife was sitting at an intersection near our house, waiting to turn onto the main road, and a woman plows into her car, head on, leading to weeks of migraines and vision problems.

Anyway, the migraines and vision problems are improving now, but our photography project is behind.  My skills in patience are even worse than my skills in photography, so some recipes will be going up early.  Better pictures will come soon.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the food!

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