The Beauty of the Basics (and an easy recipe)

A couple weekends ago, we happened to have some corn on the cob and brussels sprouts in the fridge (which are two of our favorite veggies.) I was testing out a new recipe and needed some things to fill out the meal, so I just steamed the sprouts and wrapped the corn in foil with some Earth Balance and roasted it for 20 minutes or so.

Here’s the recipe for Garlic Rosemary Cannellini Beans . These are pretty amazing (if you like garlic.)

Since we had some brown rice cooked already, and just because it sounded good, I made a quick batch of cornbread to go with. (Another great recipe from Isa at the Post Punk Kitchen)

This all came together in no time, and I was reminded just how good simple veggies can be. Sometimes it’s easy to get very into fancy and elaborate preparation, but really, veggies can usually shine on their own without a bunch of manipulation. Plus, I think it made a really nice looking plate for Jennie to test her new camera.


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